A Story about Dad

When I was a little kid, you used to lift me on your shoulders, it turned out that it was the place closest to the sky;
I have always imagined the appearance of a hero, and when I grow up, I realize that the hero is by my side;
Every girl was once a princess, and behind her stood a king is getting older. The world is urging me to grow up, but i am always the apple of your eyes.
The more we grow up, the more we drift away from our father, and we gradually become the most familiar strangers in the world. There are a few times in a person’s life that a person can embrace his father, no one keeps statistics; very few people always think about their father in their life; most people find their father when they are difficult in their life. If you can’t chat with your father, accompany your father more. If you can’t accompany your father more, then take them on a trip to regain familiarity during the journey.
Perhaps, Father’s Day gifts are not as popular as Mother’s Day, but love will not!

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