5 Snorkeling Safety Tips

Knowing some safety issues about snorkeling can make your snorkeling trip safer.

Note: For safety reasons, you must follow the guidance of professional coaches during snorkeling and it is best not to take photos.

  1. Use safety equipment. It is recommended that snorkelers follow professional advice, choose the most suitable snorkeling equipment, wear a life vest throughout the journey, and carefully check whether their equipment has any safety hazards before entering the water.
  2. Never snorkel alone. It is recommended that beginners and professional instructors snorkel together. If you encounter problems, you can seek help in time.
  3. Civilized snorkeling, experience first. Please do not touch any marine life (some may be poisonous) and do not try to bring anything home.
  4. Good investigation work is very important. Collect more information about your snorkeling destination in advance, the local weather conditions, and the rise and fall of tides. The best condition for snorkeling is a calm, flat sea. Make sure that the weather is clear and there are not too many waves on the sea before you can start snorkeling.
  5. Know your limits. Snorkeling is a free and relaxing sport. Please don’t expand yourself excessively. If you feel too tired to complete the snorkeling process or feel unwell, please tell your partner in time.

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